our mission

FYT stands for Fuel Your Tomorrow. Our sole existence is to create a more health conscious society - one person at a time. We plan to 'Fuel Your Tomorrow' by preparing fresh, health conscious, chef-prepared meals on a weekly basis, and delivered to your door. The purpose of this process is to both optimize the time investment needed to prepare the quality of meals that FYT is known for, within the clients' current schedules.

FYT will allow families, business professionals, and kitchen-free individuals, the ability to 'heat-and-eat' a variety of meals quickly. With our ever-changing weekly menu created by the chef, our clientele will have choices from cuisines all around the world, without all of the prep work. 

In short, we will be in the business of helping our customers relieve their daily stresses of prepping and cooking meals throughout the day, by providing them with a great menu choice of healthy meals prepared by a chef.


Meet The Chef

Detroit's most enthusiastic Food Ambassador, youngest Executive Chef of two contract dining companies, and boldest Executive Sous of a James Beard Award winning restaurant, Kaylee Davenport and her ability to capture the essence of international and local cuisines, is an inspiring and brave chef. 

Through both her Catering and Meal Planning businesses she makes it possible for anyone to understand why food is so innovative and powerful.  

The Michigan born chef leads her successful career with the mindset that nothing is too difficult to accomplish and fearing nothing is the path to accomplishment.

"Food is an art form for the eye, medicine for the body, and a thrill for the tastebuds. It is the ability to take what the earth has given us and turn it into an experience for all senses."

-Chef Kaylee Davenport

Meet The voice

As the spokeswoman, manager, and co-owner of FYT, Kelsi Davenport is essentially the voice of all things Fuel Your Tomorrow. From social media posts to phone calls and emails, Kelsi's job is to keep you in the loop with everything you need to know.


As a Navy veteran, she is well-traveled with a wide variety of experiences, contacts, and mentors. Her six years as a system administrator, and radio communications watch officer has taught her valuable business skills such as leadership, teamwork, flexibility, organization, punctuality, and integrity.

After her final tour in Sicily, Italy, Kelsi and Kaylee Davenport wanted to settle down  somewhere beautiful and fully commit to their passions, thus the birth of Fuel Your Tomorrow in Traverse City.

"An even balance of health, good community, and hard work is all I need to feel successful in life; FYT completes that for me."

 -Kelsi Davenport

Why is fuel your tomorrow different?

  • We are a local, community oriented, family owned business.

  • We are experienced, certified, licensed, and knowledgeable.

  • We take care of all of the grocery shopping, meal planning, calorie counting, and cooking for you!

  • We use only organic, non-genetically modified ingredients from local farms and butcheries in Northern Michigan.

  • We value high quality customer service.

  • All meals are prepared in our private kitchen so serious food allergies can be handled with care.

  • No subscription, and no commitments!

  • We are BBB Accredited! 

  • We are the Highest Rated Certified Green Restaurant® in Michigan!

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