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Fuel Your Tomorrow

"With ever-changing guidelines, constant media coverage, and normal life feeling not-so-normal, these times can certainly seem difficult, and occasionally, down-right scary.

At Fuel Your Tomorrow, we want to be the calm in your storm. We are expanding our Meal Preparation services so that more people in our community have an easier and calmer way to access food. We want to assure you that we are following necessary protocols and guidelines. Our kitchen is deep cleaned every morning before prep, and every evening after service. We do not allow anyone inside our kitchen and only accept payments online or over the phone. We want you to trust us with the services we provide throughout the storm. 

Thank you, be well and just smile."

- Kelsi Davenport, Co-owner of Fuel Your Tomorrow

Commitment to cleanliness

We proudly signed the ServSafe Dining Commitment which means we adhere to FDA Re-Opening Guidelines, and State Regulations. We also have Certified ServSafe Managers on staff and implemented COVID-19 training to all employees.

From all of us at

Fuel your tomorrow,

Thank you for your continued support.

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Phone: 231.735.8956


800 Cottageview Drive, Suite 10

Traverse City, Michigan



1375 Yellow Drive, Suite 100

Traverse City, Michigan



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