COVID 19 & FYT Health Foods

"With coronavirus bringing the service industry to a screeching halt, and grocery stores showing empty shelves, fear can easily overwhelm someone. We want to be the calm in your storm. We are expanding our Meal Preparation Services so that more people in our community have an easier  and calmer way to access food. We are offering food that can be easily stored for up to six months in your freezer - see Food Order Form below - as well as strictly following protocols and guidelines put out by the CDC. Our kitchen is deep cleaned every morning before prep, and every evening after service. We do not allow anyone inside our kitchen and only accept payments online or over the phone. We want you to trust us with the services we provide throughout the storm. 

Thank you and be well."

- Kelsi Davenport, Co-owner of FYT Health Foods

Donations can be used to help an employee that has recently been laid off or feed a person or family in need. All donations toward someone in need are used for food cost.


Executive Chef Email:

Executive Chef Phone: 231.590.4938

Executive Manager Email:

Executive Manager Phone: 231.499.4669


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