Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Who would benefit from the Meal Prep Program?

A: Busy moms, business professionals, health nuts, and people who just want good food without the hassle! Our Meal Prep Program helps everyone!

Q:What if I don't like red onions?

A: Your Meal Prep program is catered to you! If you don't like red onions, despise mushrooms and prefer salmon over bottom feeders, we have your back! Simply make note of that in the notes section of your order and we will remove those ingredients from your order.

Q:How do I pay?

A: Simply order online! Let's save the trees one order at a time.

Q:Is there a menu I can chose from each week?

A: We do everything for you. Our chef creates ever-changing menus each week with cuisines from all around the world to match your dietary  needs or restrictions. We do this for three reasons; to encourage creativity and newfound skills for our kitchen staff, to surprise you with new cuisines that you may have never had before, and to take the stress of deciding what's for dinner off your plate. 

Q: What are Family Meals?

A: Family Meals are larger portioned meals curated to your dietary guidelines and expertly crafted by our head chef. This is an opportunity to feed your whole family a healthy dinner with exclusive off menu dinners. Each Family Meal feeds 4 - 6 people.

Q: Can I sign up for a subscription with autopay?

A: Absolutely! Simply make a health profile account with us and you are in the system!