Nutrition Services

As a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, Chef Kaylee can give you insight on how to improve your eating habits in order to better your health.  By combining nutritional knowledge with her extensive culinary background, she is able to provide you with the tools you need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

Nutrition Coaching

Nutritional Diagnostic and guidelines.

  • Nutritional Diagnostic.

  • 1 hour of Personalized Nutrition Coaching.

  • Nutritional information downloadable PDFs.

  • Virtual Coaching available.

1 hour


Meal Prep Course

Acquire knowledge and skills for preparing healthy food.

Everything from the Nutrition Coaching Service +

  • 1 hour personalized Meal Preparation course.

    • How to prep proteins, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients for your lifestyle. You will gain knowledge on proper cooking techniques and knife skills.

2 hours


Kitchen Flip

Turn your kitchen into a healthy lifestyle oasis.

Everything from the Meal Prep Course +

  • 1 hour Healthy Grocery Shopping Habits course.

  • Re-organization of fridge & pantry.

3 hours


Lifestyle Package

The ultimate culinary and lifestyle experience


Everything from the Kitchen Flip Service +

  • Weekly grocery shopping list.

  • Weekly recipes.

  • Weekly workout program.

  • Weekly BMI measurements.

  • Weekly nutrition coaching.

3 hours + 1 hour per week


$200 per week


$750 per month


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