At FYT we believe health doesn't stop at you. Health includes the environment we are living in; our Earth. Think of every food choice as a small vote for a better environment. When you chose local, organic, farm raised food, you are voting for the environment. When you purchase compostable, zero-waste products, you are voting for the environment. We want to assure you that when you choose FYT, you are choosing to vote for a better Earth.


As the highest rated Certified Green Restaurant®  in Michigan, Fuel Your Tomorrow’s core value and mission is creating a more sustainable and healthy environment for all. We are committed to environmental friendly practices such as purchasing eco-friendly packaging, reusing or composting all food waste, purchasing local and organic foods, reducing water and energy consumption, and offering zero-waste, recyclable products at the FYT Cafe.


Follow all environmental regulations and go beyond what is required by law.



Reduce waste through recycling, composting, and whenever possible, reusing and repurposing. All services are done through a local organization that donates to charities.



Partner with local, sustainable farms to bring our customers fresh and healthy foods.



Offer farm-to-table, grown-to-order menus.



Implement Eco-Friendly Education training to all FYT staff members.



Encouraging and empowering employees to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable environment through company volunteer events and outdoor activities.



Continually improve our practices by measuring our environmental impacts and setting annual goals.

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